10 Steps for getting your business on social media sites

Getting involved in social media starts with a plan and a presence – here is the blueprint we use to setup our clients on social media sites. Click the steps to go directly to the signup pages.

1.  Signup for a Gmail account or convert your email to a Google Account

2. Setup a Facebook page for the business 

3. Setup a Google+ Page for the business

4. Setup a Twitter account for your business name

5. Setup your YouTube channel for your business name

6. Setup your personal page on LinkedIn

7. Setup your business on LinkedIn

8.  Download Hootsuite to manage your social media profiles

9. Find and claim your Google Places page

10. Setup Google Alerts for your business

With these 10 steps, it’ll get you started on the road to your social media presence.  Make sure you complete all your account information, including your website address and correct contact information wherever possible.

Good luck!



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