Why Small Businesses Should Use a Trusted Email Marketing Service

Email marketing can do fantastic things for a business, whether your intended audience is another business or you’re directly targeting the consumer.  Email marketing is a proactive formula – rather than relying on search engines and advertising to deliver traffic to your website, collecting email addresses both online and in person when you’re dealing with your clients can provide you with a great formula for increasing your sales results.

The first thing many people thing of when they consider email marketing is ‘spam’, which is a valid concern.  This is why small businesses should use a trusted email marketing service.  And on top of that, you must have a list of email subscribers who have knowingly and expressly signed up for any email notifications coming from you.

No one wants unsolicited junk cluttering up their mailboxes, which is what unscrupulous and abusive spammers do.  Having recipients’ permission to send them emails is what distinguishes you from these regular spammers.  But if you happen to be doing your own email marketing, sending the notifications yourself from your desktop or your own server, you may find yourself having to deal with the more technical aspects of email marketing, such as how to get your message across without fear of getting blocked by anti-spam software.  This can occur when your emails are mistaken for spam and your server or domain is wrongly reported as a spammer.

With a trusted email marketing service provider, which will take care of all the technical issues for you, your emails stand a better chance of getting through and reaching their proper destination.  Which leaves you free to focus on the business side of things, i.e., growing your mailing list, generating more traffic and translating that into a happy customer base.

For more information on Email Marketing Services, contact OSG Marketing today.  We’ll be happy to discuss how email marketing can benefit your business.

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