Social Media Marketing—How to Build Your Brand, Loyalty, and Customer Base

It wasn’t too long ago when TV audiences were at the mercy of commercials telling them what to eat, what to wear, and what to buy.  These days, the dynamic has shifted, with more and more consumers turning to the Internet for their daily information and entertainment needs, and advertisers are scrambling to catch up.

Fortunately for advertisers, this scenario can likewise work to their advantage.  And if you’re one of them, here’s how you do it.  That is, social media marketing—how to build your brand, loyalty, and customer base.

Social media refers to any of the numerous user-centric websites that allow people to provide their own content—text, photos or videos—and share them with other users, creating a vast network of user-generated information.  Not only do people get to personalize the Web, they make friends and connect with others along the way.  Advertisers need only to emulate this.

You could set up a blog and talk about the kind of product or service that you offer.  Not in every single post, mind you, or you risk looking like a spammer.  You could then join a social network like Facebook, open a microblog account like Twitter, or sign up with a social bookmarking site like Digg and provide links to your blog or site from there.  Personalize your profile.  Use your own photo rather than a company logo.  Don’t be so formal.  You want to convey an image of friendliness, of someone fun and interesting that people would want to join your circle or community.  Today’s consumers don’t appreciate it when advertisers talk to them.  They’d much prefer it if you were to talk with them on a more personal level.  If you’re in it simply because you want to sell stuff, they will know and they will stay away.

Not only is utilizing social media a great way to get to know your potential customers and the kind of things they are interested in, but it can also be used to reach out to them, to build lasting and meaningful relationships and networks, the kind that assures your brand will have their patronage as well as their loyalty.

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Greg Bolger
OSG Marketing


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