Marketing Online for Canadian Businesses, Where to Start?

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few years, and I keep hearing over and over again that people just don’t know where to start.  I’m sympathetic to the cause, especially given these economic times were in.  Just how can a business fight to survive given all the challenges and obstacles that are in there way? 

I think it’s important that business owners embrace online marketing, and that’s not just a selfish opinion from an Internet Marketer.  Statistics are one thing, it’s easy to give a convincing argument using information available online from Search Engine Watch or any of a dozen other places.  Search engines are now preferred over printed Yellow Pages and other printed directries, according to current statistics.  You hear and read things like “Paid advertising delivers results” and  ”Email marketing has a massive return on investment”.

The truth is, marketing works.  That’s why we market things.  The why shouldn’t be in much question, but the how seems to be the real problem.  It’s not enough to tell someone they should do something, but there has to be a reason for them to do it.

Marketing in 2009 is different.  It’s easy to reach a much wider audience than was ever possible previously, there are tools like Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Email Marketing and more that offer a near infinite list of tools and resources to use.  The questions I hear over and over again are “Where should I start?” and “How much does THAT cost?”.

Here is the fantastic truth about internet marketing that every small business owner should know – you can produce incredible results with little to no budget!  It takes focus and time, but it can be done.

The question shouldn’t be about whether or not you need an internet presence or not, that (in my opinion) is a given.  If you want people to find your business, you should do some basic things to make it easy for them.

That’s what this new blog is all about, helping businesses figure out how to leverage the internet for improving business communications.   I’ll be posting regularly concepts and ideas along with specific information on how you can get results.  I’m a believer that this isn’t as hard as people want you to believe, and I’m hopeful that you can learn something.

Bite-sized chunks of internet marketing, little bits at a time.  

So, what makes me the authority on Internet Marketing?  I’m a tinkerer, I have over 15 years of marketing and sales experience and I help businesses improve their online profile every day.  I  spend time using the tools I’m going to talk about every day.  I measure and monitor the results and use them to improve my approach.

It’s impossible to know everything, but I’m only going to focus on no- and low-cost ideas that deliver results.  I’m focusing my findings on Canadian companies, because that’s who I work with every day.  

Finally (for now!), I’m not soliciting any services from this.  This is a genuine effort on my part to demystify the worlds of internet search, web 2.0  and social networking.   I’m not doing this to prove anything, not monetizing this blog and I don’t want anything from you except to help people.  The world of Internet Marketing has been and continues to be very kind to me, and I’m a believer that I need to share these things, that I get back in return when I give.  

No secrets, no mysteries, just my take on things you should do and exactly how to do them.  Should be a fun ride.

Good luck and I’m glad you’ve found us!

Greg Bolger
OSG Marketing
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